About Us

About Us

About Social Biz Connect Limited. (SBC)

Social Biz Connect is an Online Marketing & Direct Selling Company Dealing with Web Hosting, Domains, Web Design, E-Learning & Business Mentoring.

The word "Social" means People or Society. “Biz” Stands for Business and “Connect” means to “bring together” or “join together”.

That is why Our MOTTO is “Connecting People to Business Opportunities”

Success in Business is Fully Dependent and Driven by the Internet & Technology (ICT) and having a Strong Online Presence and Customer Driven approaches.

SBC provides Products & Services that support & address modern Business needs in the market place by Supporting Individuals, Online Marketers, Network Marketers, Professionals and SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprise

1. Online Marketing Tools & Services

Web Hosting, Websites & Blogs Builders, Domains, Lead Capture Pages & Email Marketing Autoresponder Systems.

Our Goal is to ensure that every individual, business or marketer is able to create an online presence through a Website, a Blog and Social Media Plus other Online Marketing tools  

2. E-Learning, Personal Development & Business Mentoring

Articles, Newsletters, Monthly Business Magazine, Ebooks & Videos

3. Direct Selling & Network Marketing

Direct Selling and Network Marketing concept started back in 1940s in the USA.

Network Marketing is today a highly respected entrepreneurial career that is taught in Top Universities around the world including University of Illinois in Chicago, USA.

SBC is an ambassador of Network Marketing and we sell our Premium Online Marketing Tools & E-Learning Products through the concept of Direct/Referral Marketing.

Started in 2012, SBC was founded on the idea that individuals can build personal entrepreneurial careers on the Internet and “EARN AS THEY LEARN” and without huge capital or years of experience, helps individuals to turn their struggles, hardships and experiences into a career that can pay them a Job “Replacing Income” or a “Dream Income” and achieve their dreams in life. SBC is helping thousands of people to launch their dreams round the world.

SBC offers training, products, support, opportunities and the honest and authentic message of hope and freedom that Network Marketing Provides.

Networkers and people who have struggled for years in businesses and jobs are having success with the help of the opportunity SBC provides. Customers searching for simple and honest marketing systems and training programs are having breakthroughs and getting results with SBC products and SBC Business Opportunity.


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