7 Major Reasons We Should All Create A Travel Lifestyle

Posted On:2016-07-02    Category: Lifestyle & Travel
7 Major Reasons We Should All Create A Travel Lifestyle

Travelling is a way of having Fun.

As a young lad i have been fortunate to travel around both locally and internationally. When Travelling is mentioned some may think it has to be abroad. This is a very wrong perception. In  Kenya where i come from for example we  have been hearing of several initiatives promoting Local Tourism Eg The #TembeaKenya innitiative. We have very beautiful sites everyone would dream to visit.It is  upon us to take up the Opportunities and the  leisure time we have by touring some of this areas.

Family trips are also fun. You get time to enjoy and interact with your family.Some of the parents are ussually ever busy and never have time with their Children Creating a Travel  Lifestyle is one way to create time for your family.

I remember how i enjoyed those road trips with my parents. I could learn alot from them too. I could actually understand how fun my parents were. Parents kindly throw in as many of this trips into a 12-month span as you can, and you, too, can live the traveler lifestyle.  Let those 365 days in every year glide along, in anticipation of the next great adventure. For me, it’s the thrill of planning that I enjoy so much.  It’s that educational process of locating exciting places around the world, and then honing my skills to figure out exactly how to turn those dreams into a feasible reality.  I’m always up for a good challenge.

It should be noted that after all this travelling one gets to gain and learn alot from the world. Below are some of the major lessons that we all should expect: 

1.Traveling changes the way you relate to the world.

Some of us grow up in some really  tiny rural towns. If they dont get the opportunity to travel when younger, They end up having a difficult time envisioning much else outside their comfortable country bubble. When you travel to other countries and see the amazing beauty of sunsets over seas, eagles riding mountain currents, monkeys swinging through rain forests, grizzlies catching salmon in the rapids, majestic waterfalls spilling off vertical drops, and volcanoes smoking under their fiery breath, you realize the world is full of more beauty that you are capable of seeing in a lifetime. But, you still have the intense passion to try.

If you don’t see this when you are younger, you have less desire to venture out when you are older and have job and family constraints in play. If you don’t know what you are missing, you would have less of a desire to put the effort into taking the time to travel. You also develop a deeper sense of obligation to save our planet’s beauty for the coming generations. After all, you’ve seen it firsthand, and it’s worth saving!

2. Traveling pushes your educational horizons.

Sadly, some people never like history in school. Just reading the stories in books seems so boring to them. However, when one visits some of this historical sites , you can help but get a new appreciation for history. Traveling makes history come alive. The stories are no longer pictures in a book, but tangible memories you remember much longer than anything you could study in school.

3. Traveling humbles you enough to realize it’s not all about you.

The older you become, the more you realize you actually know very little about life. It seems the confidence of knowing it all is usually graced upon the young. However, the sooner that bubble bursts, the better. Traveling sometimes puts you in tough situations. You see that the world is so much bigger than your perspective on it. You soon realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. You learn that you really weren’t the big fish in the ocean, but just a tiny minnow in a pothole.

Now, that doesn’t mean you aren’t still important, but it does change your perspective to be more open to learning from other people and situations vs lecturing and bestowing your vast wisdom to those lucky enough to be in earshot. Traveling teaches you to let go of the perceived concept of control. You learn that it’s a big enough challenge to just control yourself, and learn to give up trying to do so for the rest of the planet.

4. Traveling changes the way you relate to others.

Unfortunately, some people grow up in areas that dont  have much diversity. Everyone looks and acts basically the same. When one travels, you learn alot about other cultures. Thats when you realize that your life could be enriched by developing friendships with people who don’t look or act like you. Far from your hometown, you develop friendships with people who are nothing like you, but are exactly what you need. This teaches you to embrace, not fear, experiences and relationships that are outside your comfort zone. It also teaches you the importance of communication skills.

5. Traveling gives you empathy for global suffering.

When you travel, you learn how much you truly have that you take for granted. Many people live in poverty that is unfathomable to those who have never walked their streets and heard their stories. Watching the wars and famines on the news takes on a whole new meaning when you have a personal connection with the people there. You lose the callousness and egotistic attitude that can sometimes develop when you can’t relate to that region of the world. And, it compels you to help others and give back.

6. Traveling empowers you to take on new challenges.

Just as traveling is humbling, it is also empowering. You realize you can do things you never thought possible. We always have that fear of change facing new things people environment by travelling one ends up  Conquering this fears and this  helps one learn that you can adapt to more than you felt you were capable of conquering. I think that’s a good thing to learn at any age, but you can apply it longer throughout your lifetime if you start early.

7. We are never guaranteed old age, so enjoy life’s experiences now!

I think a lot of young people put off traveling because they want to be responsible, work hard, get married, have kids, and build up a life. However, I think it’s a mistake to put off traveling in exchange for the belief that you can do it when you retire and have more time. While I certainly plan to continue to travel after I retire, I also realize I am not guaranteed old age. If something happens and I don’t live to see my forties, fifties, or sixties, I will have no regrets. I have experienced the world to the best of my ability by taking every opportunity presented to me to see all of this gorgeous planet that I can. Traveling has made me the person that I am, and I’m so grateful that I have plenty of years left with this version of me to continue the adventure.

Here are some other simple reasons you should really travel around:

Expand your horizons.  Visit places you’ve only read about in books.  If you find a photograph in a magazine of a breathtaking alpine lake or a golden sunset reflecting across an exquisite meadow of flowers flanked by snowy mountain ridges, cut it out. Note it down.Plan to make it there someday.

Discover ancient or primitive cultures.

Make the world your global classroom.

Meet new people.

Learn new languages, or at the very least, a few words in the language of every country you visit.

Explore nature’s wonders.

Marvel at man’s masterpieces.

Learn to appreciate the world’s differences.

Spend quality time with your family as you wander the world.

Never stop believing that there’s still more to learn, more to discover, more to explore, and go after it long as you can.  It’ll help to keep yourself young and your mind alert.

Make a wish list of all the places you’ve ever dreamed of visiting and experiences you hope to have, then make them a reality

Bring home a “souvenir” from every place you visit, whether it’s an inexpensive trinket or an extravagantly valuable showcase item.  Doesn’t have to be something to adorn the walls of your home or a knick-knack to display on your shelves.  Could be an article of clothing, a whimsical tote bag…whatever brings back your memories and puts a smile on your face every time you look at it.