How To Talk About Sex With You Teenager Child

Posted On:2016-04-19    Category: Family & Parenting
How To Talk About Sex With You Teenager  Child


Sex talk is a very difficult conversation to get into especially between a parent and a child. As difficult as it may seem  here are a few ideas on how to start the conversation:

However you bring up the topic of sex and relationships, listen to what your teenager has to say. You can then use this to let the conversation develop.

For example, if they mention condoms, check that they know why it's important to use them, where to get them and how to use them.

Talking about sex and relationships with your teenager won't make them want to start having sex, but it will help them look after their sexual health when they do.

Try to listen calmly, even if what they say surprises you or you disagree. Let your child know your opinions, but reassure them that you trust them to make their own decisions.

If you lose your temper or criticise them, they might feel like they can't talk to you in the future

Ask your teen what their friends think

Ask what your child's friends think about the subject. This can be a way of talking about your child's thoughts and fears indirectly.

For example, if you see a pregnant woman, you could say, "When I was a teenager, we were scared of getting pregnant. Do your friends ever worry about that?"

Talk about sex little and often

Don't have one big talk about sex. Make it an open, ongoing topic. Have lots of little talks whenever the subject comes up, and start before your child is a teenager.

Let your teen know that they can talk to you about anything that's on their mind.

One of the easiest ways to bring up the topic is during everyday activities like washing up or watching TV. This makes it less of an event.

You can use the storyline in a programme, or a celebrity in the news. For example, you could say, "What do you think about the fact they've had sex?"