Losing The Baby Weight

Posted On:2016-04-15    Category: Family & Parenting
Losing The Baby Weight


After pregnancy it is every womans desire to go back to their former bodies. Below are some very important ways of losing the baby weight:

Grab your stroller.

No time to exercise? No problem. You can squeeze fitness into your baby-and-me routine.

Pushing that baby stroller makes walking a workout. “Start slow and build up gradually by adding more hills for more intensity

Sleep when baby sleeps.

Sleep deprivation slows post-pregnancy weight loss. Exhaustion can drive you to overeat comfort foods, such as sweets and chips, and make you feel too tired to exercise. Pumping milk also lets your partner handle those 2 a.m. feedings.

Strengthen your mommy muscles.

Your belly, back, and hips are the body parts most affected by pregnancy and childbirth.

Some experts suggests three moves to target these areas:

Crunches for your abs.

Superman lifts for your back: Lie on your belly and lift your right arm and left leg. Lower them back down, and then raise your left arm and right leg.

Side leg raises for your hips: Lie on one side and raise your top leg up and then back down. For extra resistance, use an exercise band around your ankles when you do this move.

Know the benefits of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding burns 300 or more calories per day. It's great for your baby, both for the nutrition and for mother-baby bonding.

For extra calcium, especially if you breastfeed for more than 5 months, experts recommends eating one or two calcium-rich snacks a day. Cottage cheese and kale chips are great sources of calcium.