Network Marketing Made Easy

Posted On:2016-12-07    Category: SBC Information Center
Network Marketing Made Easy

Network Marketing

Network Marketing is one of the hottest Retail and Distribution industries of the 21st Century.

It functions on the idea that you sell/recommend Services or Products that you like to other people who in turn recommend/sell to other people who recommend/sell to other people . . . and so on.

Network Marketing programs feature a minimal upfront investment--usually a few hundred dollars or less for the purchase of a Product Kit or a Bundle of Services--which gives you the opportunity to sell the product line directly to family, friends and other contacts.

Most network programs also ask that you recruit other sales reps--those same family members, friends and acquaintances. These sales rep recruits constitute your 'downline,' and their sales generate income for you. Then whoever they recruit becomes part of their downline team as well as yours, generating income for them as well as for you.

So the more people you bring on board, the better your income potential. If you're a sales-savvy type who can convince others of the beauty of this plan and keep them selling sales memberships (as well as products/services), you can earn a substantial amount of money. And you've got lots of network marketing plans to choose from. The advantages to this business are that start-up costs are minimal, hours are flexible, you can start part-time, and you can work from home. About the only thing you need in this business is a sense of self believe and go getter. If you've got a background in sales, you're ahead of the game, but if not, you can still succeed. Just make sure you believe in the products and the company you're working with.

Honest enthusiasm goes a long way toward convincing others to buy or Join your Program.

The Market

Your customers will be anybody and everybody you know or meet. Most network marketers start off soliciting friends and family. If there are others working for the same company in your area, they may have organized weekly or daily meetings and seminars at which salespeople and prospects gather to cheer each other on and sign up new members. If so, make it a point to attend with your own prospects. It's harder for people to decline your invitation to join in a room full of other enthusiastic newbies.

In this business, it's important to keep your distributors recommending the products/services and referring others. Don't sell them a membership and ignore them, or they're liable to drop down their link in the chain. Talk to them often about how they're doing. Go with them on sales meetings to offer moral support and enthusiasm and help sign up prospects.

Needed Equipment

You don't need any special tools or equipment in Network Marketing, except for a phone to keep in touch with your distributors, parent company and prospects, and an enthusiasm to go out and sign people up and attend the weekly pep-talk meetings that are a feature of this business.

Set Your Goals with your Network Marketing Company and See You at the Beaches of the World.